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The primal Connection is a not-for-profit organization and multi-cultural percussion ensemble dedicated to using the drum to educate, heal, unite the cultures and lift the spirit. This publication is an outreach to inform, educate and act as a venue for an exchange of ideas and opinions for our readership..

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Letters to the Editor

Welcome to the first issue of Primal Beat. The drum is an amazing thing. It has been used to drive men forward in battle. It can induce trance and dance. Humankind worldwide is affected, emotionally, physically and spiritually by it. The drum can heal, and educate, as well as bring people of all cultures and generations together in joy and the spirit of unity. Medical research is showing its effectiveness as therapy for a growing list of human ailments. Educators are finding it to be a useful vehicle for teaching a number of subjects. It has even found its way into corporate America for management team building and conflict resolution. It is unlike any other musical instrument.

Americans from coast to coast are discovering the benefits of hand drumming. Chances are that if are reading this you have in one way or another been affected by this remarkable instrument. You are part of a growing percussion community. To receive this publication means you are a member or friend of the Primal Connection. It is your support that enables us to bring our health, educational and cultural programs to the community. We appreciate that. This publication is dedicated to you

We hope you find the information in it useful and informative. Primal Beat is your forum. We invite submissions on all matters regarding using hand drums to heal, unite the cultures, educate, and/or to lift the spirit. Please visit ouw web site to learn more about the Primal Connection.

Fred Leavitt, President
Primal Connection Inc.