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The following links should prove use full to the Central Florida, and beyond, drumming community .

www.handsondrum.com Jim Greiner has been named 'Drum Facilitator of the Year' by Drum! Magazines reader poll. There is a reason. Take a look at his site and get his video, you will be a better drummer for it.

Jaqui Macmillan, an award winning drum circle facilitator , educator and percussionist who has studied under the best in the field. Her site is loaded with usefull information and links.

http://www.paralounge.net/ The Paralounge is a dynamic organization that holds drum circles in Suawnnee Music Park in Northern Florida. The circles draw drummers from all over the South East. They also host collective drum circles, have performance ensembles visit, give lessons and more, check out their site

www.drumcircles.net is a good site for finding drum circles in Florida, US and the world.. Besides having other usefull drum information, it is the place to go for learning new rhythms; like 125 new rhythms.

http://www.allnativepeople.com. Chief Walking Bear makes the finest Native American drums you are likely to find. Go to this site, click on the drum link. I have had the opportunity to play one of his drums. They are beaut full and powerfull.

Carlos If you are in Chicago and want to learn anything about the drum, from lessons to drum therapy to history, as well as, drums in education, health, corporations, in performance or anything in between. You want to know Carlos.

VSAFL sets the standards in using the arts to enrich the lives of people with disabilities.

http://arjpercussion.com/ Hand made wooden drums of all sizes and flavors. Neat stuff.

http://www.geocities.com/talkingdrumpub This a great site to learn about Native American drumming. Be sure to check out the introduction to the Drumming Circles page

Drummers drum to the dan cers, dancers dance to the drummers.this poetry of rhythm is universal and goes back to our origin. To learn about the dance scene in Central Florida is to know about Enlightment Dance. Click on the image and enjoy.

www.animalministries.org We have noticed over the years that both wild animals and pets have enjoyed percussion music It is my feeling that rhythm touches their souls and brings them to a more comfortable space. Check out this site to learn more about the animal's roll in the Creation.

drumwave-orlando.com This site is a resource for Orlando, Florida regional drum circles and much more. Check out this site and learn about the Orlando percussion community.

http://www.drums.org/djembefaq/index.htm This is the site to go to for African drumming information. It is also the place to go to find drum circles in Florida and around the world. Its a great site for all kinds of drum and related and cultural information.

.http://www.strato.net/~ttdunlop/variety_sites.html Take a look at this site for a very usefull compolation of sites. From this link go to it's Home Page. It is one you will want to bookmark

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