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The Primal Connection Percussion Ensemble is an ethnically diverse acoustic world rhythm percussion ensemble that originated in Chicago.

The Chicago ensemble has opened for the Chicago Grant Park Symphony Orchestra, was hired by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, performed at the Art Institute, numerous city sponserd cultural events, street festivals, educational institutions, and had its own radio show at Northwestern University.

The drum music of the Primal Connection uses up to 57 different percussion instruments and exerts a strong influence, especially on young people. While in performance the members of the ensemble make an unmistakable statement in support of cross-cultural understanding, respect and cooperation.

The music of the Primal Connection Ensemble drives through cultural and age differences to reach an ancient part of us common to all humanity, the part that gave birth to music, and makes a smile universally understood

From Left to Right, Donnalee hildon (djune-djune, djembe, percussion), Fred Leavitt (congas, bongos, dumbeck, talking drum, percussion), Malka Hardt (doumbek, percussion), Doug Jones (djune-djune, percussion), Marlene Marchant (djembe), Denise Miriani (dounbek, percussion), Idris El (djembe, percussion), Gail Leavitt (percussion, doumbek, bongos)

To learn more about the Ensemble and its music click on "Inside Story".. To preview Out of Our Hands, the Primal Connection CD click here.

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